Recruitment and retention are increasingly important topics for law firms with varying recruitment methods being tried and tested to win the talent war. Our recruitment solutions provide differing levels of service depending on your needs with all designed to maximise success whilst managing recruitment costs effectively. Whether you are recruiting for a specific position or speculatively as a result of continued expansion, we are able to assist at every stage.

As our client you will benefit from our distinctive working relationships with our candidates. We identify candidates in a very specific way which means almost none are actively in the market and as the only recruitment firm handling the job search we know exactly where they are in the process. By using our market intelligence to your advantage we fulfil our objective of giving honest and constructive advice, and ensure your goal of securing the best talent is achieved.


  • Beckett Database
    Our database consists of thousands of solicitors at all levels in our key disciplines. Some candidates are open minded to discussing opportunities and others are actively looking for their next move. We will draw up a list of suitable potential candidates and contact them before presenting a select few for interview.

  • Beckett Exclusive
    Taking the Beckett Database search to the next stage. This is where we will act exclusively for a period of up to eight weeks on a particular position. We will contact our candidates regarding the position on either a firm-naming or discreet basis. We will also advertise the position on legal websites or in legal publications.

  • Beckett Advertising
    This can be used to complement any of the other search services or independently. Advertising is a good way to raise the profile of a particular practice area or the firm as a whole. We will design the advertisement for the agreed selected websites and/or legal journals and handle all candidate responses accordingly. The benefit is discounted advertising rates which we will directly pass on and a wider geographical remit resulting in a greater chance of success.

Please contact us for further information on the above services.